California Teenagers Take Joyrides in LAPD Cars


Many people are aware of problems with law enforcement. Many of these problem are rooted in some very serious concerns. For example, police brutality may be one of the defining issues of the decade. However, not all problems with law enforcement are this sobering. In fact, some of them seem downright strange. For example, you can consider the joyriding scandal of the LAPD.

The joyriding scandal at the LAPD involved a collection of teenagers in the cadet program. Over the course of a few months, young cadets were hopping into police cruisers for a variety of expeditions. For example, the teens decided to do "doughnuts" behind stores. On another occasion, one of the teenagers flipped on the sirens and lights on a stolen police cruiser to make it across town to prevent a friend's car from being towed. Teenage cadets also took the time to pull over a few motorists. They also simply used different police cars to cruise around town.

The teenage cadets were not supposed to have access to the vehicles. However, the ringleader of the teenagers apparently formed a working relationship with an officer in the program named Robert Cain. Cain granted the teenagers access to the different police vehicles over a period of a few months. Most of the joyrides the teenagers took were against the rules, but they raised little notice. However, all of that changed on June 14th, 2017. On that date, three of the teenagers led police on a series of wild car chases that culminated in crashes in South Los Angeles.

The catastrophe on June 14th led the LAPD to do some serious detective work to discover how all of this was able to happen. This included lengthy interviews and extensive reviews of social media posts. The teenagers are now being held responsible for their actions. However, Robert Cain, a man who has been a member of the LAPD for 10 years, is facing even more serious charges.

During the investigation, Cain became accused of having inappropriate relations with one of the teenage cadets. He is also currently in jail awaiting trail for the discovery of weapons in his home. As for the teenagers, they will all remain anonymous due to their ages at the time of their misdeeds. In the meantime, the LAPD is finding ways to strengthen the supervision of their cadet program to hopefully prevent such a situation from happening again.