California should refund the taxpayers their money back


The state of California is aiming at projecting a vast budget the coming year. Due to this effect, the lawmakers have not had an easy time, they have been having very critical decisions to make and they all should be in favor of the public. In November the Legislative analyst office had assumed a continuous economic budget for the state’s growth. The amount of money that was estimated was as much as $5-6 billion per year throughout 2021-2022.To some, the amount sounds significant to raise but according to the lawmakers, that amount was a big load for the taxpayers to carry. They don’t agree with the decision at all.

There has been a prompt increase in funds that the state has been using for its daily functioning. The 2011-2012 fiscal year the state was using around $86 billion but currently, the state lies at budget estimating $125 billion. Lawmakers say that with Governor Jerry Brown the record-breaking spending trend will still be witnessed. Reason being that Gov. Jerry had a budget proposal of $132 billion in generals state funding. It’s so evident that the taxpayers are the one who is going to feel the pinch in order to satisfy Governor Jerry’s government. Lawmakers have opposed the budget saying the California taxpayers are not able to shoulder the budget and that he had to propose another budget.

Governor Brown emphasized on the legislature to maintain a fiscal discipline in order to see the state develop. He continued to say that if that was not upheld there was a likelihood of a future recession. Along the same line, the Legislative Analyst Office had advised the Legislature to be considerate especially with the many uncertainties that are going to be witnessed ahead. This includes several policy changes specifically at the federal level. It still doesn’t make any sense if at all in the past years the state has spent massive funds but there still lies very big problems that exist and still continue to intensify. Basics like infrastructure are still continuing to deteriorate yet the government wants more funds in the coming fiscal year.

The state lawmakers have to make very prudent decisions or else the state will have no choice but provide tax relief to California’s overburdened taxpayers. The new government can emulate what Governor George Deukmejian did back in the year 1987 he signed and approved a $1.1 billion to be rebated back to the taxpayers. It’s the highest time that the lawmakers be keen on the limit. They should resist any urge to blow taxpayers money especially more than the state is able to afford.