California May Be Using Driveless Cars Soon

California may have driveless cars on the road soon. In fact, regulators may be putting driveless cars on the road without a backup driver present. The Public Utility Commission stated that they want to have a pilot test program soon. One version of the program will test the cars with a driver. Another program will test the cars without a driver.

Last month, the California Department of Motor Vehicles announced that it would start accepting applications for driveless cars. The Public Utility Commission regulates companies that make driveless cars. The DMV is responsible for making sure that the vehicles are operated safely.

Many people have questioned the safety of driveless cars after an accident killed a pedestrian in Arizona. The car did not stop despite the fact that it had a safety driver behind the wheel. Uber stated that it would no longer be testing driveless cars.

There are requirements that will have to be met before a company can get a driveless car permit in California. People will have need to have a two-way communication system in the car. There are also certain places that the driveless car will need to be operated. The proposal will be voted on May 10.

Lyft plans to go forward with its self-driving technology. They also stated that they appreciate the fact that the CPUC is addressing this important topic. However, they are concerned about the effects that this proposal will have. They do not like the fact that this proposal will prohibit the use of shared rides. The shared rides will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce road congestion, which prevents accidents.

The GM has not responded to Lyft's comment. McKinsey & Company stated that driveless cars may eliminate 90 percent of car accidents. This can save the country $190 billion per year.