California High School Students Join Gun Control Demonstrations

Gun Control Demonstrations

Public school students in the Golden State are joining peers across the country by staging walkout demonstrations in support of gun control.

According to a news report broadcast by Channel 7, an ABC News affiliate in Los Angeles, the walkouts are being led by students such as Katrina Yuzefpolsky, a young woman who survived a horrific shooting massacre in Covina 10 years ago. These days, Yuzefpolsky is 17 years old and a firm supporter of the gun control movement spearheaded by survivors of the 2018 shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida.

On March 14, Yuzefpolsky and many other students across the Golden State will walk out of their classroom and take to the streets in a demonstration that is being coordinated with many other schools around the country. The students plan to hold a 17-minute vigil in memory of the 17 victims killed by a teenage gunman in Florida.

Yuzefpolsky was just eight years old when she was spending Christmas Eve with her family, who had gathered at the home of her grandparents in Covina, when a gunman wearing a Santa Claus suit broke into the home and starting shooting. The gunman was Bruce Pardo, the ex-husband of Yuzefpolsky’s aunt; he killed eight of his former in-laws and proceeded to set fire to the home before shooting himself. Yuzefpolsky was able to escape but would require surgery.

Along with her friends, Yuzefpolsky produced a digital video that has been shared across online social networks for the purpose of calling attention to the need for stricter gun controls. In Florida, the campaign organized by the young survivors of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas massacre has resulted in the passage of a legislative measure that enacts restrictions on gun ownership. Prior to signing this law, Florida Governor Rick Scott was known for his pro-gun stance; these days, however, he is being sued by the National Rifle Association.

Yuzefpolsky is one of many young Californians who are calling on the State Assembly to enact measures similar to those taken by legislators in Florida. Thus far, California Governor Jerry Brown has indicated that he is willing to sign gun control legislation packages sent to his office, even if they come under criticism by the powerful lobby sponsored by the NRA.

Some of the California cities where high school students will be joining the national walkout protests include Fontana, Pomona, San Diego, Agoura Hills, and many others.