A California Couple loses two homes to The Ranging Wild Fires


In October this year, Dr. Antonio Wong lost his first home in Santa Rosa to the raging wildfires in the state of California. Dr. Wong, an Anesthesiologist, said that the Santa Rosa home was his first and he and his wife had resided in the 3,000 square-foot residence in the southern part of California for more than ten years. The couple rented out a home in Ventura when they moved out of California in 2008. However in May this year, California would beckon them back. Dr. Wong who is 50 and his wife Pratima, 48 purchased a second residence on the northern side of the state of California. The home had a proximity to Wong’s family who resides in the Bay Area.

As of today, the two residential homes for the couple have been consumed by the wildfires that have become a nightmare to the residents of California. The houses have been burned down in less than two months. Just a week ago, the raging fire which would become known as Thomas Fire consumed their home in Ventura. Earlier on in October, their Santa Rosa home was torched by the Tubbs Fire. Antonio Wong said that the fact that he has lost two homes in two separate wildfire incidences in two months has been devastating for him and his wife. The couple is trying to deal with the mental torture while at the same time trying to figure out their next move.

Dr. Wong said that he does not know what to do next since rebuilding a house from scratch is time-consuming and a bit expensive. Dr. Wong purchased the home in Ventura in the year 2003 while still dating his current wife, Pratima. The previous owner allowed them to pay a deposit that was only 10% of the overall cost and moved in the home immediately. They were supposed to repay the remaining amount in installments.

The house had many decors including living room French Doors and multiple fireplaces. It is at this home where the couple invited their workmates to host birthday parties and other celebrations. Dr. Wong said that the home was like a security blanket to him and his wife as you could feel the warmth whenever you walked inside the house. The couple who are from Thailand moved into the neighborhood during the financial crisis of 2008. Dr. Wong would later move to work in Reno, Nevada where Pratima followed him. However, the couple admits that none of those places felt like Ventura.