The California College promise open doors to a different college experience

Community college students within the golden state have a reason to smile thanks to the free first year of campus. Governor Jerry Brown signed the AB 19 which now makes the “California college promise” part of the California state law. The name came about after the initiation of the long beach college program that was meant to boost the progressive percentage of students enrolling at cal state long beach or long beach city college.

According to Eloy Ortiz, the bill might sound like a free tuition program or a college promise to a lot of people, but it’s all about creating an enabling that will not only smooth transition into college but also help students within California finish college. Eloy was the long beach community college district president before he was appointed as a chancellor of the state school system which had a total of 114 schools as of 2016.

The law doesn’t take into account the millions that will go into the implementing its provisions, but Ortiz affirms that this won’t be a problem since his office is in communication with the department of finance and lawmakers before the next budget cycle. Eloy estimates that the implementation will cost about $31 million which according to him is a realistic figure given that the governor might release between 30 to 40 million for the community college promise.

The tuition per unit at community colleges in California now stands at $41, but with the implementation of the law, leaders of all participating colleges should be able to reduce or eliminate fees for full time or new students in the entire year plus the summer session before the fall classes. Individual colleges won’t automatically receive any extra funding given that leaders of a community college are required to take steps such as partnering with local institutions to prepare the students for college.

Eloy is hopeful that once the promise program comes into effect, most of the state community colleges should be eligible. Today, close to two million students in community colleges within California receive fee waiver which enables them to school for free. The implementation of the law will give the unified school district graduates guarantee into cal state long beach. In a statement by long beach unified superintendent, he thanked governor brown for the support of the free first year in college. Some educators in other fields have also implemented programs. Compton college administration, for instance, announced that the district grads would be assured of admission into the college.