CAL 3 Proposal takes an Inch Closer to November Polls

The proposal to split California into three states is inching closer to realization after it became certain that the proposal had received the required threshold of signatures required by the law to qualify for the November polls.

The sponsor and author of the proposal, billionaire Tim Draper said that the proposal has already garnered a massive 600,000 signatures. This came as a shocker even as the proposer was only required to submit 365,880 signatures as required by the law, being 5% of the votes cast to the sitting governor. With the vast number of signatories who signed in support of the initiative, optimism for the success of the proposal during the poll is high.

The unprecedented support for the proposal, according to Draper was earned from all areas within California. The bill’s initiative is to have a government where regional representation, responsiveness of the governance and equal representation on economic and social issues was emphasized.

Although wining the required signatures was the first step to successfully achieving the division, the proposal has a long way to go, given the fact that it still has to await and pass the November polls as well as wining a congressional approval process as required by the law.

California is currently the largest state in the US by resident population, having over 37,253,956 individuals. The proposal puts forth diving the state into three individual states including California, North California and South California; all with different numbers of counties and sizes. The proposal takes into consideration a number of factors such as administrative regions, population size and density, as well as geographic location of the resultant states.

Dubbed CAL 3, the initiative is however different from another almost similar initiative seeking to have the state of California secede its membership and coordination with the United States to become an independent state.

The plan to split the state has however received significant opposition from members of the political caucus as well as the public. Steven Maviglio, a Democratic Party ardent member and political consultant deemed the proposal to change the geographic position of the state as being heavily flawed, misguided and impractical. In his argument, Maviglio stated that the new unprecedented move would do nothing to solve the state’s main challenges but would rather escalate them further.

The CAL 3 initiative was authored in 2017 but has since been delayed pending amendments and improvements. The coming days would see an increased level of mixed reactions even as we gear towards the November polls.