BMW introduces Vision Next 100 concept

BMW introduces Vision Next 100 concept

Amid the celebration of its 100th anniversary, bigwig German automaker BMW has introduced the Vision Next 100 concept at its headquarters in Munich.

The Vision Next 100 concept is one of the most insane concept cars ever to be unveiled by BMW. The company is hopeful that the vehicle will herald the future of driving technology, thanks largely to its way-out features ranging from a 4D-printed exterior to an augmented reality display.

Nonetheless, irrespective of the notably advanced features of the Vision Next 100 concept, the vehicle underscores BMW’s expertise as an automaker; and is, at its core, still the "ultimate driving machine."

The newly-unveiled BMW Vision Next 100 smartcar is designed to have two modes --- a ‘Boost’ mode, and an ‘Ease’ mode. In the ‘Boost’ mode, the driver takes control of the vehicle manually, helped by an optimal driving line on the windshield. In the ‘Ease’ mode, the car becomes fully autonomous, so that the driver can have a face-to-face conversation with the passengers.

One of the most amusing aspects of the BMW Vision Next 100 concept is that it comes with a full-on digital assistant called ‘Companion,’ which has the capability to learn the driving habits of the driver over time. A selection of the ‘Ease’ mode by the driver enables ‘Companion’ to take over the full operation of the vehicle.