Blizzard files copyright-infringement lawsuit against Bossland

Blizzard files copyright-infringement lawsuit against Bossland

Last week, video game publisher Blizzard Entertainment filed a lawsuit against German developer Bossland GMBH, accusing it of copyright infringement and unfair competition. Bossland is the company which is best known for developing the popular Overwatch cheat tool called ‘Watchover Tyrant.’

The copyright-infringement lawsuit was filed by Blizzard against Bossland on Friday, in a federal court in California.

According to Blizzard, the various cheating tools -- including the Watchover Tyrant -- which have been released by Bossland have resulted in "irreparable damage" to Blizzard’s goodwill and reputation, and have also led to a loss of "millions or tens of millions of dollars in revenue."

Blizzard has also said in its lawsuit that the video game which it publishes survive and thrive on "being enjoyable and fair for players of all skill levels,” and that the company “expends an enormous amount of time and money to ensure that this is the case."

Accusing Bossland of copyright infringement, Blizzard said that Bossland enables and encourages third-party ‘freelancers’ or contractors to fraudulently gain access to the Blizzard Games, as well as to engage in illegal duplication of the Blizzard Games.