Bill Proposed To Allow Undocumented Immigrants Into California Political Offices

Senate Bill 174

This past Monday, a new bill was proposed in California's senate. The new bill, Senate Bill 174 would make it so that undocumented people could hold positions on various commissions and boards from the local level to the state level.

Currently, California law states that anyone who is over 18 years old can run for office and hold positions. Immigration and citizenship status don't matter, but if a person is not a citizen at the time of appointment then he or she is considered to be unable to hold office.

Senator Ricardo Lara, a Democrat, is the author of Senate Bill 174. He believes that by making political positions open to everyone, including undocumented immigrants, communities will be better served. This is because of the fact that many communities are made up of undocumented people, and it has come to a point where these people should have a say in politics.

If Lara's bill goes into effect, undocumented immigrants would have the right to serve in political roles. However, boards and commissions would have to determine whether or not their undocumented members would receive salaries, because federal law states that people aren't allowed to earn salaries if they are undocumented. However, there are some undocumented immigrants who have been authorized to work in the United States as a result of taking part in the Federal Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals Program, also known as DACA. As a result, these immigrants would be entitled to salaried positions.

This proposed law is the latest in a series of attempts that have been made by California's politicians to veer in the opposite direction of Trump's agenda. The Trump administration has been bent on making it more difficult for undocumented immigrants to live in America and be visible. California is striving to be as tolerant and accommodating to undocumented immigrants as possible. Prominent politicians are taking the stance that it is hateful, inhumane and detrimental to society to provide a hostile environment for undocumented immigrants.

Interestingly, the state of California has been banning undocumented immigrants from state posts since 1872. Originally, the laws that were put in place for this were targeted toward immigrants from China. Earlier this year, the California Senate elected an undocumented immigrant to a state post—the first time such a thing has ever happened. A 33 year old woman named Lizbeth Matteo was elected to the California Student Opportunity and Access Program Project Grant Advisory Committee.