AT&T’s Mobeen Khan: Warehouse operators are broadening IoT deployment

AT&T’s Mobeen Khan: Warehouse operators are broadening IoT deployment

During the course of a recent interview, AT&T’s Mobeen Khan, the deployment of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is being broadened by warehouse operators, in spite of high installation costs, as they are finding new ways to recoup their investments on networked sensors.

IoT is a term used for ‘connected’ devices --- a network of physical objects, sensors, and other information sources which have the capability to automatically exchange information with a central database.

Acknowledging the fact that setting up an IoT network in a warehouse is still quite a complex process because it requires “devices, connectivity, and a network,” Khan – AT&T’s Assistant Vice President for IoT solutions – said, despite the high up-front costs of IoT network deployment in a warehouse, IoT networks are being widely deployed by warehouse operators.

Further adding that warehouse operators deploying IoT are also finding new ways to ensure that the networked sensors pay off, Khan said that gains from IoT deployment in a warehouse can come from improved visibility across the shipping and warehousing functions.

Elaborating that improved visibility into temperature settings, security systems, battery charges, fuel levels, and data from “soft sensors” can also be beneficial for users, Khan said: "We can track a supply chain anywhere in the world…. Connectivity is the fundamental anchor."