49ers Prepare for Season


One of the most successful NFL franchises of all time has been the San Francisco 49ers. This has included winning five Super Bowls and having a number of top tier talent, including Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Jerry Rice. While the 49ers used to be one of the top teams in the league, they have had some hard times in recent years. At this point, it has been several years since they have made the playoffs and the team hit a low point last year by winning only 2 games.

While the 49ers have been struggling for the past few seasons, there is some reason for optimism as the team prepares for the future (http://www.espn.com/blog/san-francisco-49ers/post/_/id/25019/49ers-enter...). The new 2017 season will be the first year under the watch of head coach Kyle Shanahan. This year, Shanahan will focus on brining in a whole new approach to the team's future. While most do not expect the team to have much success this year, the Shanahan and GM John Lynch are focusing this season on building a tradition of hard work and excellence, which will help to transform the team in future seasons.

Heading into training camp this year, there are a lot of open position battles. The focal point of the offense this training camp will be the quarterback. Heading into camp, Brain Hoyer is considered to be the starter and first string. He will be backed up by Matt Barkley and CJ Beathard. CJ Beathard was a third-round pick in the past draft and could end up seeing some playing time later this year if the team struggles.

Another focal point for the team will be on the rookies. The 49ers were considered to be one of the winners of the 2017 NFL draft. The top player that they took was Solomon Thomas, who was drafted number three overall and could help to stop the run. They also drafted linebacker Reuben Foster, who fell further in the draft than expected and could be a dominant player for years to come. One of the advantages of being drafted to a struggling team like the 49ers is that they do not have a lot of cornerstone players. This will open up a lot of opportunities for Thomas, Foster, and other rookies to get a lot of playing time and develop faster than they would on a more successful team.