Young Dolph Encounters a Close Shave With Death

Young Dolph

Famous rapper, Young Dolph was involved in a shooting near Highland Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard on Tuesday. According to eyewitness news, the injured victim was a Memphis rapper, also known as Adolph Thornton Jr. The shooting took place at around 1 p.m. The police have confirmed that one suspect had been arrested for the shooting. Reports by law enforcement agencies have also confirmed that Dolph was rushed to a nearby hospital and is in stable condition.
Police reports show that the rapper got into a brawl with three people after an argument turned bad. Young Dolph dropped to the ground during which time one of the suspects started shooting. The rapper was able to hide at the Shoe Palace store while the suspects fled away. One of the suspects is reported to have gotten into an escalade and drove for a while before abandoning the car and fleeing on foot. The rapper was slated to stage a performance at the "Marke" (Los Angeles) on Thursday.
Possible Reasons For the Shooting
Drive by shootings among rival rappers can be traced back to the times of the deceased old school rappers, Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. However, though these incidences have decreased significantly, they still happen. Young Dolph has been known to be a strong rival of another rapper known to many as Yo Gotti. According to a law enforcement source, well known associates of Yo Gotti were in the vicinity when the shooting took place. Police are trying to find the connection between the shooting and the Young Dolph-Yo Gotti rivalry.
Young Dolph's Profile
Young Dolph has been involved in rap music since 2008. His songs have gone viral on YouTube and have done well in terms of international sales. One of his recent albums, "King of Memphis" managed to clinch the 49th spot at the US Billboard charts and the 5th spot in U.S.'s rap category. Young Dolph has a following of over 2.2 million people on Instagram.
Earlier this year, Young Dolph confessed that he had been involved in a shooting. During the incidence, his SUV was sprayed with 100 bullets. This all happened when he was at an event in California. Although the police are yet to confirm this incidence, Young Dolph did not hesitate to let the world know about it through his music. Following this close encounter with death, Dolph released a song dubbed "100 Shots" in his new album "Bulletproof".