Woman arrested for allegedly reporting to the police that her boyfriend threatened her with an AK 47 rifle

On Sunday morning the authorities from Los Angeles California received a call about a man who was in possession of an AK-47 downtown of Los Angeles. Since the event wasn’t apparent, the police ended up arresting the woman who made the call. Norma Eisenman, an officer at the department of the Los Angeles department, said that at 3 P.M the police apprehended Michelle Centeno because they suspected that she had made a false report to the police. Eisenman stated that Michelle was lying and there was never a person threatening her with a gun. The authorities also said that there were no further details about Michelle Centeno.

According to Michelle, the incidence occurred around 4:45 A.M on Sunday along South olive block street, Mr. Eisenman reported.
The officers from the department rushed to the area with immediate effect, but upon arrival, they met Michelle who allegedly reported to the central police officers that she was a victim of domestic violence. Barry Montgomery an LAPD Sergeant stated.

Previously, according to Eisenman, Michelle Centeno claimed that her boyfriend was in possession of an AK-47 rifle and that she hurriedly had to retrieve her personal belongings from the apartment she was staying with her boyfriend.

The officers handled the situation professionally; they believed that Michele’s boyfriend was in possession of other illegal weapons. The officers immediately evacuated the apartment and called the SWAT team, Sergeant Montgomery reported.

Montgomery further made a statement saying that when the SWAT team arrived at the scene, they made the floor at which the building was sitting on manifest and that with the assistance of the apartment’s management they were able to acquire a key to enter Michele’s boyfriend’s house.

The team did a thorough search, and the suspect wasn’t inside the house. Montgomery said, but they did recover some weapons that were similar to the ones Michele claimed her boyfriend possessed (AK-47).

There were no shots fired during the raid and Michelle was not injured. Montgomery made it clear that police were trying to make contact with Michelle’s boyfriend for more investigations. However, Michelle was later arrested in connection with the case.

Montgomery addressed the public saying that the situation was being resolved amicably and all the streets that were blocked were reopened for use. He thanked the public for the patience they portrayed and urged them to be more patient as they carried out further investigations. He said the Police would work tirelessly until the case was resolved.