Wildfires in California


10 people have died in the state of California after the northern part of the state was caught up by fast-moving wildfires. At the same time, the fires injured over 100 people who are being treated in local hospitals. The state said that close to 1,500 buildings had been destroyed and 20,000 people evacuated. This has been termed as one of the most destructive fires in the history of California. Officials confirmed that firefighters are dealing with the fire in over eight counties in the state. One of the affected counties is Santa Rosa. Officials have said that the Journey’s End Retirement community has been completely destroyed. This is a trailer park that is located near the city’s freeway. The Hilton hotel in the area was also flattened by the fire. State officials confirmed that most of the trailers in the affected areas had been leveled and only a debris of what used to be household appliances has been left. Residents described that ash descended on the affected area like snowflakes while white smoke could be seen from a distance. California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection deputy director Janet Upton confirmed that the state had been engulfed in over 15 separate fire cases. She confirmed that the fire had burnt down over 94,000 acres and 1,500 homes. She also confirmed that 10 people had died. One of the dead was from Mendocino County, two were from Napa County while the remaining seven were from Sonoma County.

She further confirmed that property damage is likely to rise to its highest level in years. Few curfews were imposed in Santa Rosa, the capital of Sonoma County. The county officials said that they were watching out for looters. Gov. Jerry Brown has been closely watching the fire. He pleaded with President Trump to declare the fire as a major emergency. He was also quick to issue emergency proclamations on a number of counties that include Yuba, Sonoma, Nevada, Napa, Mendocino, Lake and Butte. The governor termed the situation as serious as the fire was moving very fast. The situation had been made worse by strong winds and the absence of humidity. He confessed that the situation was not under control by any means. Hospitals in Sonoma Counties and Napa counties reported that the number of people coming with fire-related ailments was on the rise. In one of the hospitals called St. John Health, close to 170 people came in due to the fire-related ailments.