Wilacre Park Closed For Upgrades


Wilacre Park located at 3431 Fryman Road in Studio City, in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains of California, is popular with hikers and dog walkers, but they will have to be patient as the park is closed until January 5, 2018, in order to be renovated. The goal is to ring in the New Year with a better park.

Upgrades will include increased updated access to parking and picnic areas for disabled people and anyone having limited mobility and also for the installation of a permanent and modern restroom facility, which will make the park more enjoyable for visitors. There are currently drinking fountains and a picnic area.

The park is the access point to recreation areas and 128 acres of hiking trails such as Fryman Canyon Park, Franklin Canyon Park, Coldwater Canyon Park, the Cross Mountain Park trail system, and the Betty B. Dearing Trail.

This hiking spot is great for fresh air, quick exercise, spotting colorful flowers, and being a casual hike for a human or a dog. Fryman Canyon is a favorite with many because it is not difficult except for the first steeper part of the total of 2.5-3 miles, with the length depending on the route you choose. A long path goes straight up the dirt side, or walk back out onto the road and go up the paved part first, with the latter being best if you are a beginner hiker. When you get to a fork, you can go left and uphill and more scenic, or go up the right side, which is easy to hike and follow. Once you pass the incline, the remaining part of the hike is manageable. After walking up the trail, you can see a view of part of the valley, meadows, and expensive homes.