WhatsApp introduces two-factor authentication with version 2.16.341

WhatsApp introduces two-factor authentication with version 2.16.341

Facebook-owned popular messenger app WhatsApp has rolled out an updated version 2.16.341, introducing ‘two-factor authentication’ feature for users. The feature would give WhatsApp users ample defense against tools which can potentially allow hackers to gain control of their devices.

The two-factor authentication feature released by WhatsApp is presently available in the beta version of the app, but will ship with the public release of the app in the near future.

The feature can be accessed by WhatsApp beta users by going to their account settings. The option for two-step authentication will apparently be included with other menu items like Privacy, Security, and the ‘Delete the WhatsApp account’ option.

When WhatsApp beta users tap on the two-step authentication option, they will prompt the opening of a window that features an ‘Enable’ button. Together with the button, there will also be a reminder to the users that the two-step verification will necessitate a passcode for getting a phone registered. In addition, users will also be required to add an email account to be used while resetting the six-digit code.

Upon the completion of the phone registration process, the phone number of the WhatsApp beta users will not be usable by anyone else for registering a new WhatsApp account without the passcode or the email account needed for resetting it.