What Couple Happen If California Splits To 2 States?

By now, most people have heard that part of California wishes to separate from the rest of the state and become New California. While most people have their opinion on this matter, it is something that has happened throughout history. Remember Virginia and West Virginia?

The original idea was introduced on January 15th; however, the news is still buzzing about the possibility of the 51st state. Here are four things that could happen should this state split.

1. New California Would Be the Sixth Largest State in America

Should “New California” be made into a separate state, it would be the sixth largest state in the union? It would have more than 15 million residents. California would be the second with a population of over 25 million.

2. The New State Would Enjoy Lower Taxes

Robert Paul Preston is the founder of the movement. Part of the reason why he wishes to separate the coast from the landside is that the taxes are so high. Residents in New California will probably enjoy lower taxes, especially since this is the crux of the complaint to succeed.

3. A Loss of Income Is a Real Potential

Splitting into two states sounds like a smart idea to some, but it might affect income. See, under the proposition, Los Angeles and the famous Silicon Valley will remain under the old state of California. These two areas have a significant amount of taxes that come into the state.

If the split occurs where it is suggested, it could mean that the income tax would stay put. To put things into perspective, Santa Clara and San Mateo counties bring in more than 17 percent of the state’s tax revenue each year.

4. Recreational Marijuana May Cease

As of January 1st, of 2019 recreational pot was legalized. Since it appears that New California is striving to be a more conservative state, it may reverse the legalization. All the residents who use marijuana as a source of income or to deal with life may find that their “new state” may make things hard for them. Only time will tell.

Though the motion has just begun, do not hold your breath that it will go anywhere. Things like this have been brought up before, specifically in this state, and nothing has ever gone anywhere. It is highly unlikely that California will split. However, if it should, these four things are concerning.