Wayne Community College Shooting brings Campus Safety to Forefront

Wayne Community College Shooting brings Campus Safety to Forefront

On Monday, a deadly shooting took place at Wayne Community College, in Goldsboro, leaving one college employee dead. Central Carolina Community College staff and local law enforcement has called the incident as a reminder that violence can happen anywhere.

According to the Wayne County Sheriff's Office, just after 8 a. m., former WCC student Kenneth Morgan Stancil III, 20, entered the Wayne Learning Center and shot and killed Ron Lane, director of the center's print shop. He was the same person for whom Stancil used to work previously.

It was reported that Stancil then immediately fled the campus. Maj. Tom Effler of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office said that authorities cleared the campus around 3 p. m., although Effler was not located there during the press time.

Vice president of Student Services at CCCC, Ken Hoyle, said that last time when the college dealt with a shooting was in 2003, when a student's ex-boyfriend came onto campus, kidnapped her, took her into a nearby field and killed her and himself.

He also mentioned that the school constantly works on making sure that everyone would be ready for a threat on campus.

While talking about the campus security threats, Hoyle said, "The director of security [Frank Bedoe] and I attend numerous workshops on this. They have become a hot topic in the world of student affairs since the Virginia Tech incident in 2007".

Furthermore, Hoyle said that the most important precaution that can be taken by the students and faculty to remain safe with active shooter on campus is to sign up for the Cougar Alert notification system.

The Cougar Alert notification system provides immediate information on campus threats. It's a mass notification system that overtakes employees PCs, sends out text messages, emails students and staff.

Hoyle added that it would trigger a call to 911 very quickly, and the all at campus would get an immediate response from the local authorities. He mentioned that meanwhile the security staff here on campus would start locking down buildings to isolate the shooter.