Walt Disney World provides insect repellent to visitors to address ongoing Zika concerns

Walt Disney World provides insect repellent to visitors to address ongoing Zika concerns

Zika is becoming a growing concern and is accompanied by need for prevention efforts. Theme parks around the country are joining the prevention efforts by making their properties safe for visitors. Recently, Walt Disney World resort’s prevention program involves providing their guests with complimentary insect repellent.

Staff at the world’s one of the most famous resorts would now have an additional responsibility: they have to make sure that the visitors to park and resort receive insect repellent. The park’s employees would be assigned at different locations within the resort. The guest room would now have aerosol cans as part of the prevention program.

The resort undertakes extensive mosquito-prevention and monitoring program. It is also working along with local, state and federal experts on Zika prevention efforts.

“In an abundance of caution, we are accelerating preventative efforts throughout our property, including providing complimentary insect repellent to our Guests along with helpful guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention”,said Park’s authorities.

In addition to Disney, there are other theme parks around the nation initiating similar efforts. Universal Studios said it is already running destination-wide prevention and management program for mosquito and other environmental problems.

Sea World Parks & Entertainment plans to offer EPA-approved repellent to its guests. The Miami Zoological Wildlife Foundation has begun a mass distribution of personal-sized repellent targeting visitors to the zoo. The zoo’s staff also makes sure that zoo has no stagnant water.

The Food and Drug Administration wants Blood collection facilities such as American Red Cross to screen the USblood supply to ensure it contains no Zika virus. British authorities are advising pregnant women to avoid visiting Florida, where local Zika transmission cases have been reported.