Virgin Media unveils 4G SIM only plans

Virgin Media unveils 4G SIM only plans

In a recent announcement, Virgin Media has revealed that it is rolling out a range of 4G SIM only plans.

The plans unveiled by Virgin Media will give subscribers the ability to rollover their unused data from month to month; and will also offer Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp messaging apps as “zero rated” services --- that is, services which will not eat into the subscriber’s data allowance.

According to the details shared by Virgin media, the cost of the 4G SIM only plans will begin at £6; with the plans to operate on a one-month, rolling-contract basis. The £6 plan will give the subscribers a monthly allowance of 300 minutes, as well as 300MB of data and unlimited texts.

The top-end premium 4G SIM only plan being offered by Virgin Media costs £25 per month, and gives the subscribers a monthly allowance of 5000 minutes, 20GB of data, and unlimited texts.

Highlighting the fact that Virgin Media’s 4G SIM only plans will allow subscribers to roll over unused data from previous months, and will offer free messaging on Messenger and WhatsApp, Peter Kelly – Virgin Media’s Managing Director of Mobile – said: “… we’re making sure that Virgin Media customers never have to worry about messaging friends or family and if there’s data left over at the end of the month then we’ve got that covered too.”