Verizon’s ‘FreeBee Data’ service to exempt certain content from monthly data caps

On Tuesday, bigwig US wireless carrier Verizon Wireless announced the launch of a new service called ‘FreeBee Data.’ The new Verizon service gives advertisers and other third-party companies the ability to pay Verizon for allowing its subscribers to gain ‘free’ access to high-data web content.

The newly-announced ‘FreeBee Data’ service by Verizon enables partner advertisers and other third-party companies to deliver content by the gigabyte, without eating into the data buckets of the carrier’s customers. As such, the service essentially exempts partners’ content from monthly data caps.

The companies which partner with Verizon for the ‘FreeBee Data’ service can sign up for the service, so that some or all of their content -- which is delivered by apps of specific web domains -- does not get counted against the monthly data caps of Verizon’s postpaid customers.

According to the details shared by Verizon, partner companies for ‘FreeBee Data’ will be able to pay to Verizon for data either by the gigabyte, or on a per-click basis, for specific content delivered by them.

Verizon will roll out the beta of the ‘FreeBee Data’ service on January 25, 2016. For the service, Verizon has worked out initial partnerships with three companies -- Hearst, AOL, and Gameday. In its beta, the service will be tested by Verizon with only 1000 subscribers.