Valve releases free new VR content creation tool suite --- ‘Destinations’

Valve releases free new VR content creation tool suite --- ‘Destinations’

Valve said in an announcement made on Thursday that it has rolled out a new tool suite for creation of virtual reality (VR) content. The new tool is called Destinations Workshop Tools for VR, or, simply, ‘Destinations.’

Announcing the new ‘Destinations’ tool suite for creating VR content, Valve said that the tool is a free piece of animation and modeling software, which will give users the ability to create, share and view community-created photogrammetry scenes, game worlds, as well as other 3D models.

Valve said that, as of now, the Destinations animation and modeling software is in Early Access form, and may have some bugs. For using Destinations, a VR headset is required; the tool suite does not work with a standard PC display.

The description of the Destinations VR content-creation tool suite on Steam reads thus: “Destinations Workshop Tools is a VR content creation package that enables the creation and sharing of both real and imaginary worlds on the Steam Workshop.”

According to Valve, users who download Destinations will get the Source 2 tool set, as well as “several example Destinations created with photogrammetry,” and an editable example map.