US: Number of lip augmentations up 43% in women and 400% in men since 2000

US: Number of lip augmentations up 43% in women and 400% in men since 2000

Earlier this week, a survey showcased a massive rise in the number of people in the United States undergoing procedures for increasing their lip size.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons said that since 2000, the number of lip augmentations has seen a 43% rise in women and over 400% in men.

Different people have different tastes, some get fillers injected into lips, whereas others get small amount of silicone or rubber implants. At Blair Plastic Surgery, Dr Robert Louton hasn’t noticed a huge rise in lip procedures at local level, but mentioned that for years, the demand has been steady.

Dr. Louton added that this has become quite popular because of its instantaneous benefit to enlarge the lips. He said that it isn’t something for whose results you have to wait.

According to Dr. Louton, the fillers boost stays for nearly 6 months, but implants can plump the lips permanently, though patients apparently aren’t in favor of them much.

He said that women more probably get lip procedures as compared to men, thus in case the number did go up by over 400% in men, it still wouldn't' be a huge number of men.

In a press release this week, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) said that a record number of people in America underwent lip augmentation surgeries last year, probably provoked by the rise of social media and to fulfill the quest of the apt ‘selfie’ picture.

The CNBC said that the statistics from the ASPS have demonstrated that in the US, the number of lip implant procedures have grown by double-digits in every part of the nation in 2015.

The number was not just because of women, as men have also contributed to a huge total of 27,449 lip implants, 48% up since the year 2000. The report suggested that last year, one procedure was done every 19 minutes in the country.