An Unusually Wet Winter Has Led to a Tarantula Filled Summer

Residents of San Diego have been shocked by a sudden rash of tarantula sightings. A woman in Scripps Ranch was scared witless when she opened up her microwave, only to find a huge hairy spider hiding there. Other sightings have occurred all across the greater San Diego area, leaving residents and local animal control experts alike wondering as to the source of this recent bumper crop of tarantula incidents.

Where Are All the Creepy Crawly Spiders Coming From?

Experts believe that an unusually wet winter, such as the one that prevailed in San Diego last year, will tend to lead to more sightings of mice, tarantulas, and other pests. This is because the wet weather forces these animals to seek shelter from the rain and general dampness. As a result, many will gladly find a temporary shelter in a nearby home, oblivious to the general horror and panic that they cause when they are discovered by a hapless resident.

Are Tarantulas Really All That Dangerous to Deal With in Person?

Animal experts are in a rush to reassure the public that, despite their alien and menacing appearance, tarantulas aren't really all that dangerous to deal with in person. In fact, they bite only as a last resort. Even then, their sting is usually no worse than that of a bee. The bite of a tarantula simply does not contain enough venom to cause any major injury to a human. It's more the terror caused by their furry and creepy appearance that leads to incidents of panic.

But you shouldn't be too worried about actually meeting a tarantula all that often. Most of the time, they will go well out of their way to avoid you. They will hide in nooks and crannies in your walls or find some other item to crawl inside until you're gone.

When Will The Ruckus Over Tarantulas Die Down?

In the last resort, the ruckus over tarantulas is set to die down at the end of the summer when the creepy crawlies enter their annual hibernation mode. As long as San Diego does not get a repeat of wet weather over the winter season, these incidents should return to their normal level. But many residents will never forget the face to face encounters they have had with these furry black creepy crawlies from Spider World.