Union Station Commuters Greeted By Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo

Commuters at Union Station's East Portal were given a special treat when a petting zoo appeared inside Thursday morning.

ABC7 details the encounter. The stunt was courtesy of the Los Angeles County Fair, supplying both a cowboy and a petting zoo full of baby animals to entertain those at the station. Among the animals present were a calf, a goat, a rooster, and a pig.

This decision was made in order to generate interest in the fair, as well as to convince commuters to take the Metrolink train to get there. "The response has been great, a lot of smiles, a lot of happy faces," said Chris Gutierrez, a representative for the rail company.

Additionally, those with the fair claim they wished to bring joy to commuters and hopefully brighten their days. Ethan Zeidler, a fair workers, talked about the results they saw. "It's been an awesome event, getting to get out here and bring some of the petting zoo animals into a different environment. A lot of people were just not expecting it. Cool to see the reactions and get people involved with the animals that we have for the fair." The animals stayed for two hours before hopping on train 304 to return to their home at the fair.

Those interested in meeting the animals and experiencing the fair for themselves can purchase a special $10 weekend pass from Metrolink, offering unlimited travel back and forth Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, the fair offers special reduced prices for online purchases, charging only $12 for adults and $6 for children.

Traveling to the fair is easy. Just get off at the Pomona Fairplex station before taking the free shuttle straight there. For more information, visit the official LA County Fair website. The fair is currently underway and will be in operation until the 24th of the month.