UC Reagent Offers Resignation In Response To Sexual Harassment Criticisms

Sexual Harassment

A reagent for the University of California has succumbed to pressures to resign after being caught on tape suggesting to a female employee that he would touch her breast.

Reagent Norman Pattiz’s letter informing the board that his 16-year tenure would voluntarily end in February was accepted Thursday by board chairman George Keiffer. Pattiz’s letter which was first reported in the San Francisco Chronicle made no mention of the sexual harassment complaint lodged against him.

Chairman Keiffer thanked Pattiz for his service in acceptance of the embattled reagent’s resignation.

Pattiz is better known for founding the largest radio network in America, Westwood One, and working as Chief Executive Officer of Courtside Entertainment Group, a company that produces podcast and shows for radio.

Pattiz’s current issues began in October 2016 with public accusations lodged against him by comedian Heather McDonald. The comedian had worked in proximity to Pattiz while recording a podcast for a company that was advertising memory foam bras. McDonald asserts that Pattiz made the comments regarding her breast while she worked at filming the podcast.

The comments from Pattiz was in response to misspoken lines on the part of McDonald. Pattiz, as the allegations have asserted, suggested to McDonald that if he held her breast it would help with her memory.

Pattiz has been on record issuing an apology for his comments which he says were made purely in jest.

The university responded to the controversy by enacting a mandatory training program on sexual harassment for members of its governing board.

The recent reports by women across the country of both sexual harassment and assault that they have suffered in silence reignited calls from students that Pattiz is ousted. The protests against Pattiz reached their peak in November at a meeting of the University of California’s regents.

Pattiz was also receiving a less than positive endorsement from some other board members and regent member Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome openly questioned whether the Pattiz controversy had been handled too lightly by the Board Of Regents.