Uber is rolling out new selfie security measure for drivers

Uber is rolling out new selfie security measure for drivers

In a Friday announcement, ride-haling service Uber said that it is launching a new feature – called Real-Time ID Check – which will essentially be a new selfie security measure for drivers.

The new Real-Time ID Check selfie security system – under which Uber drivers will “periodically” be asked to click their selfies in the app before accepting rides – has been in testing by Uber for the past several months; and will eventually be rolled out by Uber in all the US cities in which its service is available.

Announcing the new Real-Time ID Check feature, Uber said that the new selfie system for drivers has been designed with the objective of preventing driver fraud, and protecting the drivers’ accounts against hacks.

In addition, the new feature will also benefit Uber riders, as it will serve as a reassurance for the riders that the person who picks them up for an Uber ride is the one whose photo they can see in their app.

Revealing that Uber will use Microsoft’s Cognitive Services to instantly compare the drivers periodically-clicked selfies to the photo corresponding with the account on file, Joe Sullivan -- Chief Security Officer at Uber -- said in a blog post: "If the two photos don’t match, the account is temporarily blocked while we look into the situation."