Uber’s self-driving test car will hit Pittsburg streets in coming weeks

Uber’s self-driving test car will hit Pittsburg streets in coming weeks

Ride-sharing company Uber has revealed in a recent blog post that the first self-driving test car from the company's Advanced Technologies Center (ATC) is scheduled to hit the streets of Pittsburg in the coming weeks.

The self-driving test car to be introduced by Uber in Pittsburg will be a hybrid Ford Fusion, equipped with "a variety of sensors" including laser scanners, radars and high-resolution cameras. The car will self-drive around the city of Pittsburg, collecting mapping data on its course. The car will have a trained driver in the driver's seat, to monitor its operations.

About the decision to test the first Uber ATC self-driving car in Pittsburg, Uber said that its self-driving efforts are being encouragingly supported by the law enforcement authorities and local officials of the city.

Uber further added that Pittsburgh offers an 'ideal environment' for testing self-driving cars; thanks largely to the city's different kinds of roads, as well as its diverse traffic patterns and weather conditions.

In reference to its foray into the self-driving car arena with the ATC car, Uber said in a press release that "Real-world testing is critical to our efforts to develop self-driving technology," and added that self-driving cars can help reduce accidents -- as they eliminate human errors -- and can potentially save millions of lives every year.