Two parents from California accused of torturing 13 children.

Child Abuse

The Turpin parents lived in a home in California where they were believed to have tortured their 13 children. The parents claimed that they were schooling their children in their house in Perris which is in East of Las Angels. Their home had not even a single day received any inspection or visit from the education officials.

David Turpin, the father of the children, said that he named his private school Sandcastle Day school. After several investigations were carried out by the police, it was found that no other student was enrolled at his school other than his children.

The police officials said that they learned of the abuse when a 17-year-old girl escaped from the house with a mobile phone that she used to contact the police. The police visited the area where they found 12 of her sisters and brothers that aged from 2 years to 29.They found them in total mayhem, they were all malnourished, and others were chained to the bed.

After that was uncovered, Turpin and his wife Louise were apprehended and taken to the police station where they were held on bail of $9m for endangering the lives of their children and torturing them.

It was an incident that left the police baffled not understanding the motives of the parents. A Sheriff from the Riverside department acknowledged the bravery and the effort the 17-year-old girl who escaped from the house and further went to report the incidence to the police.

The police who visited the residence reported the situation inside the house was terrible and horrifying. The mother of the 13 children Mrs. Turpin was so shocked to see the police at her doorstep. She wondered why they were there.
The sheriff could not imagine his eyes when he first saw the 17-year-old girl. He said that she resembled a 10-year-old girl. The girl confessed that they were being tortured, malnourished and chained to furniture which left them with several injuries on the hands and legs.

Many experts were in confusion of how the two parents were able to hide the abuse from the neighbors and the police. Somehow it was easy for them to do so because all the children were homeschooled. It was so clear that Mr. Turpin didn’t want his children to be seen by anyone.

Bill Ainsworth who is a spokesman at the California Department of education said that the move by Mr. and Mrs. Turpin was sickening and barbaric. He further reported that the children were in safe hands and that the police were further investigating the matter.