Twitter rolls out ‘night mode’ feature for iOS users

Twitter rolls out ‘night mode’ feature for iOS users

In a recent announcement, popular microblogging service Twitter has revealed that it is rolling out a ‘night mode’ feature for iOS users, to enable them to tweet in the dark. The ‘night mode’ was introduced by Twitter in July this year, as an exclusive feature for the Android platform.

According to Twitter’s description, the night mode feature basically gives users the ability to “tweet in the dark.” The feature has been designed with the objective of facilitating Twitter users in browsing tweets in the dark, and interacting with the Twitter app in low light conditions.

The night mode feature can be enabled by users by tapping the gear icon found on the ‘Me’ tab. To enable or disable the night mode feature, which is located under the ‘Display and Sound’ section, users simply have to swipe left or right.

When the night mode is enabled by the users, the Twitter app changes its shade from white to navy blue; with the text color for tweets changing from black to white.

The night mode is essentially a contrast-enhancing mode which gives the background a dark tint, surrounding everything below a user's background photo. For bringing back the white background, users simply have to go back into the Settings menu and disable the night mode feature.