Twitch opens affiliate program for non-partnered channels

Twitch opens affiliate program for non-partnered channels

Video streaming website Twitch has offered money-making options to non-partnered channels on its network. The company recently announced new subscription options for its content partners. With its new affiliate program, Twitch offers non-partners an easy way to make money from the network. YouTube is another major source of income for small and medium video content creators.

With its expanded options for non-partners, Twitch is directly aiming at the small and medium publisher group on YouTube. With any streamer having streamed over 500 minutes in last 30 days, the affiliate program will be applicable. Also, the users should have at least three concurrent viewers and at least 50 followers to be eligible for this program.

The program has been named “Cheering with Bits” by Twitch. Viewers will have options to pay for animated emoticons on streamer’s chat window under the new system. As streamers gain more traffic, their earnings will rise accordingly.

A report published by TechCrunch informed, “With this forthcoming Affiliate program, Twitch is essentially setting up a second tier of creators who will also gain access to this tool, and soon others. This perhaps blurs the line a bit between the larger and smaller communities on Twitch’s service, but it also gives more creators the ability to grow their channels.”