TSA Bothers Boy Suffering From Golden Hars Syndrome

TSA Bothers Boy Suffering From Golden Hars Syndrome

Wyoming, Minnesota-based Ali Bergstrom has strongly criticized the way her son, who is nine years old, was treated by airport security officials when they recently visited Arizona. Ali revealed that her son, Chille, had to undergo a humiliating experience as he was troubled by the TSA officials.

Ali and Chille were coming back after a vacation at Phoenix on Saturday. Chille has been suffering from Golden Hars Syndrome since birth and at present he has four heart defects, for which he has undergone 15 open heart surgeries ever since he was born. Chille is completely dependent on a life-saving pacemaker and his mother revealed that the family has never faced any issues at other airports, while traveling since several years.

Ali stated that till now all the TSA agents that they had come across had been very amiable and they just give a TSA sticker to Chille. She also revealed that her son is extremely fond of flying and aspires to become a pilot when he grows up. As per the law, Bergstroms are necessitated to request for additional screening and Ali disclosed that she has always ensured that appropriate TSA documentation is provided by her to allow for the screening modifications, needed in Chille’s case.

However, during their Saturday journey, the security at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix put them through distressing and prejudiced experience. Ali explained that the TSA instantly told the family that they will not permit alternative screening for Chille and would rather require an exemption.

“[I was] shocked beyond belief. In walks the head of the Department of Homeland Security for the entire airport, followed by other supervisors, and managers with ten other people from TSA”, said Ali. Under alternative screening procedure, Chille is permitted to skip the security check by walking through traditional metal detectors because it can have adverse impact the functioning of pacemaker.