Trump still using old, unsecured Android phone

Trump still using old, unsecured Android phone

Sparking new concerns on hacking risks, a media report has revealed that U.S. President Donald Trump is still using his old Android smartphone that is believed to an unsecured device with severe security holes.

Cyber security experts have warned that President Trump is not supposed to use an unsecured device because it can pose a real risk of hacking attacks.

Hackers can not only steal sensitive information such as contacts and emails but also hijack the handset’s microphone and activate it without the president even knowing anything about it.

Bruce Schneier, a cryptography expert, said, “But this is a consumer device, and it’s going to have security vulnerabilities. He’s at risk from everybody, ranging from lone hackers to the better-funded intelligence agencies of the world.”

The potential risks range from a forged e-mail to the stock market and eavesdropping. The biggest concern is that Trump’s Android device has a microphone that can be turned into a room bug without his knowledge.

A recent report revealed that Russian hackers carried out a cyber attack against the Ukrainian army, turning artillerymen’s Android devices on for targeting into GPS trackers that would be used for signaling any troop movements. The same hackers were reportedly also responsible for the cyber attacks on the Democrats last summer.