The Tragic Shooting in Northern California

Northern California Shooting

On Tuesday, a man armed with a gun began shooting at people in an elementary school located in a small town in Northern California. According to the local sheriffs, at least four people died while 10 were wounded. The police, however, shot the gunman. Phil Johnston, the assistant sheriff of Tehama County, revealed that about seven separate shootings were reported near Rancho Tehama Reserve that constitutes a population of 1,500 people. The gunman whose name is Kelvin Janson Neal aged 44, entered the elementary school but did not manage to get into the classrooms because the school guards had already heard the gunshots and had locked the doors. Two children were injured. All those who passed on were adults. Mr. Johnston described the incident as tragic and could have been worse but for the quick thinking of the officials in the elementary school.

Just before the clock hit 8 a.m., Kelvin short at a woman who resided near his home, with whom they had a continued dispute. He is said to have shot at random people who were either driving, sitting in their homes or walking in the street. The suspect is said to have been armed with a semiautomatic rifle alongside two handguns. Coy Ferreira who had taken refuge at the elementary school that was attacked said that the gunshot lasted for at least 25 minutes. One boy was wounded by a bullet that crashed through the classroom window. Mr. Ferraira told the KRCR television that he has a firecracker followed by a bang while walking his daughter to her kindergarten class before a teacher ran to them telling them to get into the building as there was a shooter.

According to Mr. Johnston, a video from the security system of the school showed the gunman walking down the hallway and into a restroom. He seemed frustrated that the classroom doors were locked. Among the people who died was a man who used to stay in Brian Flint’s house. Mr. Flint said that the gunman was his neighbor and had threatened him, besides stabbing a woman early this year. A restraining order had been issued against the gunman after the confrontation with the woman neighbor. To drive around, the gunman shot at Brian Flint’s roommate and took the truck borrowed from Mr. Flint. Among those who were injures was a woman and her child who were riding a pickup truck headed for school.