Toys Given To Families For Christmas

Children's Services Auxiliary

Families in Ventura County were treated to toys for their children for Christmas because of the efforts of the Children's Services Auxiliary. The service tries to help as many families as possible during the year with everything from utility bills to food. At Christmas, volunteers arrange for families to shop for the toys that they want to give to their children. The families don't have to pay anything for the gifts that they select.

Rooms are decorated for the holiday and feature tables that are set up to look like a store. There are toys for every age and gender. Some of the items that families can choose from include cars, baby dolls, stuffed animals, and games. One young mother, Heather, took five of her children to the event so that they could get something to take home. The mother also has two children she has adopted and one who is going through the final stages of adoption.

Many families have been faced with a difficult year. The fires in California have made it hard for children to attend school like they need to, which means that families have to feed them more at home and provide more care than normal because they are usually at school during the day. Families are thankful that they can attend an event like this so that they can get toys and other items for children. There were grandparents shopping for their grandchildren as well. One grandmother has taken care of her granddaughter since she was a newborn, and she was excited and blessed to be able to choose toys that she knew the little girl would love. Hundreds of families attended the event, each one receiving at least one or two toys to take home so that the children would have something to unwrap.