Tourist Vans in Hollywood Hills to Face Possible Regulations

Tour Van

When tourists make a trip to Hollywood, it's understandable that they want to see everything they possibly can. This includes the legendary sign high on the hills, famous intersections, and small peeks into the lives of the rick and famous. Obviously, the easiest way to accomplish all of this is to use a tour van. Unfortunately for tourists, tour vans in Hollywood Hills are starting to get a bad reputation.

There are several problems the residents of Hollywood Hills have with the tour vans rumbling through their streets. For starters, the vans take up a huge amount of space on the road, and the the traffic lanes are already cramped as it is. Secondly, the vans often blare music and speeches from a tour guide. Finally, the speeches made by tour guides on the van aren't always correct, and it is grating to residents to hear incorrect information about the area delivered to tourists. In light of all of this, the Los Angles City Council is trying to find a way to please residents and keep the tourists happy.

Some of the regulations make sense. For example, there is a proposal to make tour vans give headphones to the tourists. This would remove the problem of loud speakers everywhere. Also, there is a proposal to ban tour vans from driving on certain streets to give some areas a degree of privacy. This is also believed to increase traffic safety. Some of the area's narrowest roads will not longer need to share the limited lane space with massive tourist vans.

Of course, there are people who think the regulations are ridiculous. It's easy to write off the concerns of neighborhood residents as the grumblings of a privileged elite. These people enjoy the revenue tourists bring to the area, but they feel that somebody else should have to endure the inconvenience of actually interacting with the tourists bringing the money. However, David Ryu, a City Council member who represents the neighborhood, claims the regulations are simply about tourism being done in a safe manner. He also claims it's about cracking down on a few bad operators. He doesn't want to harm the good ones.

No regulations have been adopted yet, but the issue is sure to remain in the public eye until some type of resolution is made. What do you think about the tourist vans driving through Hollywood Hills? Do you support regulations? Let us know below!