Top Fall Foods To Pair With Traveling Vineyard Wines

Fall Foods To Pair With Traveling Vineyard Wines

As the temperatures cool and leaves start to turn colors across most of the country, people welcome the foods associated with fall. Spices, apples and pumpkins are common baking staples, and many people make warm soups on chilly days. Another great way to warm up and feel good is to enjoy a bottle of wine with a favorite fall food or dessert. These are some of the best fall pairing suggestions from Traveling Vineyard.

2016 Beeline Muscat Canelli With Spiced Desserts

This wine is from Monterey County in California. It is a semi-sweet white wine that makes a perfect light drink to enjoy with any fall dessert. There is a hint of sugar that will not overpower mildly sweet treats, and it will not taste bitter in comparison with rich desserts. Try it with a slice of apple pie that is drizzled with caramel glaze. The wine is also delicious with traditional pumpkin pie. For a unique but scrumptious pairing, try it with pumpkin cheesecake.

2016 Pebble Viognier With Savory Dishes

Since this California wine pairs especially well with pumpkin, it is an excellent choice to serve with warm pumpkin soup. The white wine is heavy and has hints of baking spices. The flavors make it blend well with any savory dish. Pork tenderloin, pumpkin ravioli, beef stew and barley soup are a few exceptionally delicious foods to serve with it. This is also a good wine to serve with any sweet potato dish. Although it is not ideal for rich desserts, it is good to serve with baked apples that are topped with butter and cinnamon.

2016 Convict's Reward Pinot Noir With Pork Or Fruit

Convict's Reward comes from Southeast Australia. Since this wine has hints of red fruits, it is a delicious choice to serve with anything from raspberry strudel to chocolate-covered strawberries. Its soft tannins and hints of herbs make it a good choice for serving with pork dishes. It is delicious with pork chops that are seasoned with rosemary. The wine tastes great when served alongside a tenderloin that is stuffed with cherries, and it will enhance a pork roast that is baked with cloves and apple slices.

2015 Calamity Sue Riesling With Spicy Foods

This white wine comes from Lake County, California. It is highly acidic and has just a hint of sugar, which makes it the perfect choice to serve with a spicy bowl of chili. It is good with other spicy soups and stir-fried dishes as well. For those who prefer to skip the spices, this wine is still tasty with a savory warm soup.

2016 State Room Cabernet Sauvignon With Warm Comfort Foods

Nothing is better with comfort food than a heavy wine that bursts with the flavors of black fruits. This wine comes from Western Cape, South Africa. Its warming richness goes well with baked macaroni and cheese. The wine is also delicious with beef stew, pot roast or even a leftover casserole. Since its flavor is versatile enough to go well with main courses and desserts, it is also a good choice to serve with chocolate or fruit treats. Try it with blueberry pie, chocolate cake or chocolate-dipped maraschino cherries.

2015 Marula Pinotage With Meats And Cheeses

For gatherings with friends, finger foods such as deli meats and assorted cheeses make perfect snacks. This wine's smoky notes and rustic quality make it an extraordinary pairing with such foods. It is delicious with anything from a grilled steak to a potato soup with smoked Gouda cheese and bacon. This wine is from Western Cape, South Africa. Although it may not be ideal with most desserts, it is good with smoky treats such as cupcakes with maple frosting and bacon bits.

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