Tinder launches new app for social polling --- ‘Tinder Stacks’

Tinder launches new app for social polling --- ‘Tinder Stacks’

In a Wednesday announcement, dating service Tinder said that it is launching a new ‘Tinder Stacks’ app for social polling.

The new voting tool launched by Tinder essentially gives iMessage users the ability to select a bunch of photos and send them, as if in a stack of photos, to all the people in a conversation, to get their feedback on the photos which have been selected in the app’s interface.

On receiving the stack of photos, the people in the sender’s iMessage conversation will be able to swipe left and right on the photos, in an apparent indication of whether they are into them or not. During the process of polling by the recipients of the photos, the sender will be able to see the number of likes and skips garnered by each photo in the stack.

The new ‘Tinder Stacks’ app launched by Tinder is, technically speaking, not a standalone app; it is included with the flagship Tinder app. However, it is discoverable through Apple’s iMessage App Store.

The new ‘Tinder Stacks’ app will automatically become available in iMessage to people who have already installed Tinder’s flagship app on their devices, provided they have not turned off the ‘Automatically Add Apps’ option in the ‘Manage’ tab of the iMessage App Store.