Thousands Can't Wait to Donate Their Bodies to Body Worlds

Body Worlds

It's rare (and typically far more unsettling) to see so many people who can't wait to die, but the chance of being immortalized in a museum for it makes things a bit more understandable.

ABC7 reports on the more than 16,000 people who have pledged to donate their bodies after death to Body Worlds: Pulse. Currently residing in the California Science Center, the exhibit uses real, plasticized human bodies and remains to showcase the beauty of life and the human form.

With over 200 specimens over four different touring exhibits, including 20 entire bodies, Body Worlds currently has no shortage of things to show off. Even so, that hasn't stopped record numbers of people from signing up for the chance to donate their bodies to the exhibit in the future. Among these is the California Science Center's own CEO, Jeffrey Rudolph. "It just seemed to me a natural extension of what I spent my life doing here at the California Science Center," he says.

According to a survey recorded by the exhibit, seeing the Body Worlds specimens has seemingly inspired people to make more positive changes in their lives, such as exercising more and quitting smoking. Mr. Rudolph cites reactions like this as his reasoning for donating his body, hoping to die from "something interesting" so that it can potentially be highlighted one day in Body Worlds.

At present, the majority of United States body donors on the list are from the Los Angeles area, likely no coincidence given the Pulse exhibit currently taking up residence in the city. However, the bodies will be packing their bags and moving on come February 4th, meaning anyone who wishes to see the exhibit should make plans quickly.

For more information or to purchase tickets, you can visit the California Science Center's website to learn more.