Those That Had Evacuated The Whittier Fire Are Returning Home

It has been quite an intense season this year as wildfires have been affecting multiple areas of the state. Over 5,000 firemen have been dispatched to handle the recent fires and more may be expected. With record-high temperatures and strong wind, this was a recipe that eventually leads to the spread of these fires. These sporadic fires had them moving to several parts of the state at once. The vegetation that had been produced from the previous rainy Winter is now becoming very dry and is only helping these fires spread. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection are always on their feet when the weather becomes hot and dry.

Several counties in Southern California have been ravished by wildfires, but authorities are now allowing many to come home. The fire in Santa Barbara was probably the worst with over 45 square miles covered by a blazing fire. Luckily, this fire was able to be mostly contained and most of the evacuees were able to return home.

Luckily, nobody had been killed during these sudden wildfires. Some firefighters had suffered mild injuries during the long fight, but nothing major had been reported. Unfortunately, several homes had been completely destroyed and left some in shelters.

In the Northern town of Santa Maria, residents of the outskirts of the town had to flee a huge wildfire. This fire had spread to over 37 square miles and had affected the dwellings of hundreds of people.

In Butte County, the fires had covered nine square miles and made over 4,000 people leave their houses. A small amount of the fire was able to be contained and prevented further spreading.

Thousands of residents near Cachuma Lake and along the Central Coast had to leave their homes due to the random fires in the area. A very small percentage of the fire was able to be contained.