There Is Need for More Homes In California but In the Right Place

Housing Projects

The state of California has experienced a severe shortage in housing which has led to the inflation of home prices and rents all across the state. This has led to a ripple effect that has increased the number of homeless people and limited the amount of direct foreign investment into the state.

To meet the ever-growing population, state authorities have projected that California needs an additional 3.5 million homes by the end of 2025 so the increasing demand for affordable housing can be met. The one million dollar question that follows these incentives to put up affordable homes is obviously where to build them. In the recent past, whenever you look at the news, it has become more and more common that the places where homes can be put up have significantly reduced.

The raging wildfires that have been experienced in the fall have triggered the debate on whether it is still safe to build or rebuild homes in the locations affected by the fires. Just this year, wildfires have led to the death of 15 people while over 15,000 structures, most of them private homes, have been destroyed to ashes.

Climate experts have given a warning that the natural disasters experienced in the United States in 2017 are just a taste of what should be expected in the coming years. According to the researchers, wildfires and hurricanes are the results of an increasingly warming planet caused by greenhouse gas emissions. The risk of wildfires exposure has also increased exponentially as a result of the encroachment of wild lands by real estate developers to construct homes and offices to let and for sale.

The advent of mapping tools and technologically advanced data analysis may assist in identifying areas that are highly prone to wildfires. It has been a requirement by the local and state authorities for real estate developers to build houses in such areas with materials that are fire resistant. The authorities have also made it a requirement that the bushes and fire-prone vegetation around such structures be cleared. However, we should ask ourselves whether the regulations prescribed by the local and state authorities are enough to curb such enormous loss of property.

Some of the local real estate and land managers have suggested that local authorities should cover the damages caused by such wildfires and the cost of rebuilding such homes. State and federal government usually cover such damage costs in collaboration with insurance companies.