TfL plans to monitor commuters using the Tube's free Wi-Fi service

TfL plans to monitor commuters using the Tube's free Wi-Fi service

Transport for London (TfL) has disclosed in a recent announcement that it has plans underway to track commuters using the Tube's free Wi-Fi service.

According to the announcement, TfL will conduct a four-week trial, during which the users of London Underground will be monitored, in order to observe when they try to connect their smartphones to the free Wi-Fi network.

The trial will enable TfL to know more about how and when people take trains, and also about the routes used by them when interchanging on the network.

The four-week trial will be commenced by TfL on November 21. The trial will take place in 45 stations within Zones 1-4.

During the trial period, TfL will collect information related to the automatic Wi-Fi connection requests which are routinely made by smartphone users for joining the Wi-Fi network as they pass through different stations.

Highlighting the fact that the four-week trial will help TfL understand whether it can operate its transport network more effectively for customers with the help of the Wi-Fi connection data it collects, Shashi Verma -- TfL's chief technology officer – said that TfL is hopeful that the trial’s results will “enable us to provide customers with even better information for journey planning and avoiding congestion.”