Tesla Files For Permit To Open Restaurant

Is there a type of business that Tesla does not have its hands in at this point? It seems like the revolutionary car maker is always on the cutting edge of whatever is new and popular just up the road. Their latest idea is to build a restaurant at some of their supercharging stations.

ABC out of Santa Monica reports that Tesla has filed for a permit with the city to open a restaurant at their supercharging stations. This means that folks could grab a bite to eat while they were waiting on their cars to charge. At least that would help to make the experience of having to wait on the charge to complete a little more bearable for those who have to sit there and get through it. That is something that does appeal to a lot of people who are hesitant to put their money down on an electric car from Tesla.

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla, said in a tweet in January that he was planning on putting an old-school drive-in restaurant at one of his charging stations in Los Angeles. That is something that was well received by those on Twitter. They were pleased with the fact that it seems like one of the world's greatest innovators and wealthiest people alive still takes the time to care about them and their comfort while using one of his products. It definitely earned him a lot of kudos from those who saw the message.

Now, there are new permits being filed for even more of these restaurants at the charging stations. That means more people will get to enjoy a bite to eat while they are charging up their vehicle. It also means that more jobs are probably coming to the area as well. There are going to have to be workers to feed all of those hungry people after all! Besides that, there are going to have to be a lot of people working at the charging stations themselves as well. With that in mind, this is a huge deal for everyone who is interested in seeing new developments throughout the world as it relates to economic growth. Tesla is helping to advance that particular goal.

Santa Monica waits to see if that permit will be granted and when exactly the restaurant will come into play. For now they just have to wait on word from their local government and from Tesla itself as to what the plans are.