Tesla car owners to be charged for using high-speed charging network

Tesla car owners to be charged for using high-speed charging network

Renowned electric-carmaker Tesla will soon start charging new car owners for using its high-speed charging network, the company has confirmed.

Detailing its pricing scheme in a post published on its official website, the e-carmaker declared that the change will affect car owners will buy Tesla cars after 15th of January or delivered after 15th of April.

Car owners in California will, for instance, will be charged $0.20/kWh, while those who live in New York will be charged $0.19/kWh. Illinois charging will be available for $0.15/kWh.

Per-minute charges will vary due to different charge rates. Tier 1 will apply when cars will be charged at or below 60kW, or when the vehicles will share supercharging with another vehicle. Tier 2 will apply when charging will be above 60kW. In Texas, Tier 2 and Tier 1 will cost $0.16 per minute and $0.08 per minute, respectively.

The company estimated that car owners will pay around $15 for a trip between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and $120 for a trip between Los Angeles and New York City. The decision to charge new car owners for using the company’s high-speed charging network was first announced late last year.

The change won’t affect existing Tesla car owners. Free supercharging will remain a feature of older vehicle of the company even when they are resold.