Teal drone is the world's fastest production drone

Teal drone is the world's fastest production drone

In a recent announcement, George Matus -- an 18-year-old inventor and CEO of Teal Drones, Inc. – has revealed that he has built the world's fastest production drone --- the Teal drone.

The Teal drone is a 730-gram craft which has an average top speed of approximately 70 miles per hour (mph), which makes it nearly two times faster than the Phantom 4 drone manufactured by DJI.

In testing, the Teal drone – which reflects Matus’ intentions to be on the forefront of the consumerization of drone technology – managed to achieve an average top speed of close to 85mph. As such, the drone evidently has the capability to fly at up to 85 mph in suitable conditions.

Moreover, along with being the world’s fastest production drone, the Teal drone -- which is controlled with an iPhone or Android remote control app -- will also have access to an app store, just like a smartphone.

According to the details shared by Matus, the Teal drone is a fast, customizable and powerful drone which will cost $1,299, and will come standard with two batteries, each allowing a flight time of 10 minutes. The drone will be manufactured in the US; and first batch of Teal orders will be delivered in time for the 2016 holiday season. The super-duper-fast drone will be available for purchase by all consumers in early 2017.