Swiftkey launches new emoji-predicting keyboard app --- ‘Swiftmoji’

Swiftkey launches new emoji-predicting keyboard app --- ‘Swiftmoji’

In a Wednesday announcement, keyboard app maker Swiftkey said that it has launched its newest product --- an emoji-predicting keyboard app called ‘Swiftmoji.’

The launch of the new Swiftmoji keyboard app -- which underscores Swiftkey’s foray into emoji predictions -- marks the official launch of Swiftkey’s first product since its February 2016 acquisition by software giant Microsoft, in a $250 million deal.

Announcing the launch of the Swiftmoji app, Swiftkey said that the app is ‘free,’ and is now available for general download on iOS and Android. However, as of now, the app supports only English language.

Sharing details about the new Swiftmoji keyboard app, Swiftkey said that the app crowdsources emoji predictions on the basis of Swiftkey’s keyboard usage data. But, over a period of time, the app will also draw on the emoji preferences shown by each user.

The Swiftmoji emoji-predicting keyboard app offers emoji suggestions based on the most recent text typed by the users, so as to speed up the search for the perfect visual punctuation to the just-typed text. The app offers a range of potential emojis, based on the users’ recent text; and users can add one of the suggested emojis to their text simply by tapping on it.