The Success of Obamacare in California


People wishing the Republicans would fail are having the time of their lives now that the government and the Republican controlled Senate is failing in passing major bills. People from all over the US including California know that Donald Trump will engage in dirty politics to ensure that the Affordable Care Act fails. Companies that are responsible for the Obamacare in California say that they are engaged in measures to ensure that most of the Californians are covered despite whatever happens. A director with Covered California noted that his company is putting together measures to ensure that everything goes according to plans. He says that President Trump can implement a variety of options to ensure that the Obamacare stalls even if he is not supported by the Congress.

The Californian based company notes that one of the strategies that Trump can use is doing away with the subsidies that are meant to cover the low-income Americans that depend on Obamacare to take care of their medical bills. Regarding this issue, the state of California has threatened that it will impose a steep tax policy that will be meant to discourage President Trump from using his executive powers to do away with the Obamacare. California is doing quite well with the Obamacare issue. When asked to elaborate how they had achieved this, Lee had a lot to say through an interview on the phone from Washington. Lee was attending a meeting that had many delegates including leaders from other states, administration staff as well as congressional staff.

When it comes to setting rules regarding the healthcare, the state has put in place measures that also help shape the market. This has been made possible by the fact that California is a red state and their former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger encouraged these moves. Jerry Brown who is the present governor of California is also helping in the implementation of better plans. With the Covered California, it’s possible to deal with annual rate hikes as the government has total control.

Another reason why the Golden State is succeeding is because it has a large population that translates to a large number of insurers. This translates into a more competitive marketplace. Reports show that the rate of uninsured Americans from the Golden State have reduced by 50 percent. The plan began in March 2014. The deal that made this possible is that adults from the state of California can enroll in Medicaid. However, the adults must not have dependents to succeed.