Struggling To Make Ends Meet

House Payment

When you look at the number of people who live in Los Angeles, you might think that most residents have some kind of stable home. While this is true for the majority of people who live in the city, there are many people who are barely making ends meet. They live from one paycheck to another, wondering if they can make a rent payment or if they can buy food for the family. Recent estimates for the number of people who are struggling to pay their rent and who also live in housing that is substandard is comparable to New York.

These two cities have the most people who are homeless, the most who are living in housing that isn't safe and the most people who have trouble paying their rent. These numbers have been gathered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Affairs. There are an estimated half of the 1 million people who live in Los Angeles who do struggle with making rent payments each month. Over half of a family's income is typically spent on a house payment while the other money goes to utilities, leaving very little for food, clothing and other essentials that are needed for the home.

There are about 44 percent of people who live in New York City who are struggling with rental payments. However, there are more people who live in the city compared to Los Angeles, so the number of people is somewhat higher. One of the factors that has come into play in Los Angeles is the increasing price of rent in the city. Since there are more homeless people in the city, it has caused an increase in rental amounts. There isn't affordable housing in the city compared to surrounding areas, which is pushing more people to live on the streets or with other people.