Strange and Exciting Food Is Available at Vespertine

Most people know what to expect when they go out to eat. For example, before you even sit down at a restaurant, you probably know if you are going to be eating Italian, Mexican, or American food. However, what if you learned about a restaurant where it was impossible to know the cultural background of the food? A restaurant in Culver, City California offers this exact experience. The restaurant is called Vespertine, and it is a restaurant that prides itself in offering food that isn't rooted in any time or place.

What exactly are some of the dishes offered at this somewhat strange restaurant? For starters, you can drink a birch soda. You have a black raspberry and buckwheat dessert served in a meringue-frosted bowl. You can also have real peas and fake peas constructed out of kiwi served to you underneath a disc of ice coated with balsamic oil.

Do the above dishes sound strange to you? They should. All of the dishes are meant to be created from a void. If executed correctly by the chefs, they shouldn't remind you of any cuisine you've previously encountered. It's like the dishes were prepared by extraterrestrials who used the entire Earth as their kitchen, and they created strange dishes for us simple humans to try.

Jordan Khan, the chef and mastermind behind Vespertine, also has an eye for beauty. Each dish that arrives is lovingly sculptured. The color of the food also deeply matters to Khan, and visitors are sorely tempted to take photographs of each dish. If a menu like this sounds intimidating, don't worry. For $250, the servers will bring you numerous courses. You will be able to sample dishes you've never imagined. However, keep in mind the $250 does not include tax or gratuity.

Appropriately, Vespertine is housed in a building that looks uncommon. The building was designed by the architect Eric Owen Moss, and it looks a little bit like a tipsy house of cards. When you approach the building, it sounds like the building itself is actually singing or humming.

Many people aren't quite sure how to take Vespertine. Predictably, some people can't stand the place, and others are fascinated by the entire idea. At the very least, Vespertine is the kind of restaurant you visit in California for the sheer epxereince.

What do you think about Vespertine? Would you be interested in going? Let us know below!